Barion Pixel Painting Parties with Ági – Debrecen

Painting Parties for Everyone!
Creativity hides in you...

Colors, paints, laugh and fun in Debrecen

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Discover a new side of yourself
Paint your very own picture

You can do it!
Will you try it? I'm here to help!


Can't wait to see you!

Pouring 5500 Ft
30x40 cm canvas: 8500 Ft
40x50 cm canvas: 9500 Ft

Painting Parties Debrecen

Address: 4024 Debrecen, Petőfi tér 23.
Phone number: +36-70/601-85-91

Painting Parties
Debrecen ©



    positive review  Most induló szolgáltatás. Sok Sikert Ági!

    Mihály Czibere Avatar Mihály Czibere
    May 2, 2020

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